Owner: Steve Naturman

Active in sports and fitness throughout his life, Steve has dedicated himself to helping others improve their lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.
Born in South Africa, Steve grew up with a passion for sports and health.
Steve opened Attitude Fitness in December 2009, where he provides fitness and personal training services to clients of all fitness levels and ages. He believes in creating  workout routines that fit the lifestyles of each client, and often works in conjunction with physical therapists to enhance the recovery success of clients who are undergoing physical therapy.

Steve has enjoyed the opportunity to work with several National, Olympic and Professional athletes, incorporating all aspects of their training regiments from pre-season conditioning to post-season conditioning and recovery.

Steve spends a lot of time researching the newest tools and trends in exercise so that he can bring the most innovative, challenging and fun workouts to the Attitude Fitness community. 

With 20 years of combined experience as an athlete and a fitness business owner inspired the concept for Work-Move-Succeed.  His expertise in program development and one-on-one fitness coaching paired with his focus and discipline as an athlete has helped develop the concept, approach and programming for Work-Move-Succeed. 

Training Team

We have a great team of male and female trainers at Attitude Fitness. Call today to find the perfect fit for you

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