Sizing Chart

Your Freeze Sleeve should fit SNUG on your elbow or knee. For the best fit, measure the circumference just above your knee or elbow when choosing your size. 

                                  Size                                             Circumference                       
                               SMALL                                           8-10 inches/20-26 cm
                               MEDIUM                                      10-13 inches/26-33 cm
                               LARGE                                         13-16 inches/33-41 cm
                               X-LARGE                                     16-20 inches/41-51 cm
                               X-X-LARGE                                  20-24 inches/51-61 cm
                               X-X-X-LARGE                              25-30 inches/63-75 cm

  • Comfort
    The FREEZE SLEEVE  is soft, flexible and comes in 5 sizes. It simply slides on, stays in place without the need for straps or wraps and allows full mobility. 

  • Compression
    The FREEZE SLEEVE  provides 360 degrees of compression therapy and 100% coverage of the treatment area.  Compression therapy has been proven to reduce swelling and helps relieve daily aches and pains.

  • Cold Therapy
    The FREEZE SLEEVE provides just the right amount of doctor recommended cold therapy treatment to your aching joints and muscles.  The FREEZE SLEEVE is meant to replace the ice bag. 

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The FREEZE SLEEVE is a revolutionary cold therapy compression sleeve providing relief and recovery for aching muscles and joints for all ages and sizes.


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